Shipping kit – 2 Litres

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SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 2 kits and get FREE SHIPPING* + 1 roll of Heavy Duty Sealer Tape! Save both money and a trip to the hardware store!*

This kit consists of everything you need in order to pack and ship 2 litres of breast milk.

It includes the following:

8 x 250 ml PET Bottles

These discrete-looking bottles have a square bottom and a white screw cap. The bottles are made of PET-plastic which is non-toxic and safe to put in the freezer. The closure is tamper-proof once sealed.

4 x Gel Pack 250 gram

Made from a water-based and eutectic solution, these 250 gram Gel packs are a perfect element for keeping your breast milk cold during shipment. When combined with Priority/Express shipping, these industrial grade, non-hazardous and biodegradable Gel packs are the safest and most economical solution* to get your breast milk to where it is needed.

* Unlike Dry Ice, which requires advanced care when handling and can only be shipped using special (and expensive) transportation services, these Gel packs are guaranteed to be accepted by most shipping companies.

Shipping box with 35 mm EPS insulation

With a robust outer carton and a 35 mm thick epoxy-polystyrene (15 kg/m3 density) insulation layer, this shipping box will keep your breast milk cool and protected. Combined with the eutectic Gel packs, the box will reach a cooling performance of 48 hours. 

Bubble wrap is also included for extra protection.

See our tips For buyers-page for ways to optimize the shipping process! 

*Europe only